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The hearings

Sevenoaks Local Plan: Examination in Public
Second week of the Inspector’s hearings

Summary created by NHE representatives – Week 2

Sevenoaks Local Plan: Examination in Public
First week of the Inspector’s hearings

Summary created by NHE representatives – Week 1

Sevenoaks Local Plan: Examination in Public – the Inspector’s hearings start on 24 September

Leaflet issued by NHE

The consultations

Sevenoaks Local Plan – State of affairs at March 2019

Leaflet issued by NHE

URGENT – ONE WEEK TO GO: How to respond online

Leaflet issued by NHE

Last chance to comment on Sevenoaks Local Plan

Leaflet issued by NHE

NHE article in local press – January 2019

NHE urges residents to respond to the “Regulation 19” consultation

Leaflet issued by NHE

MX52 & MX53 sites removed from the revised Local Plan

Leaflet issued by NHE – December 2018

Article in local press – March 2019

The early stages of the campaign

Petition – why was the community not adequately informed about the consultation for the Draft Local Plan

Sign the petition

Fundraising Launch

Please help by donating money to fund the next step of the campaign

Volunteers help deliver the latest news

The Committee would like to thank all the volunteers that have or will be delivering the 4th NO Hartley Expansion leaflet pictured below.

It is great testament to the strength of the community spirit that individuals volunteered so readily to ensure that every household in the affected villages has/will receive the latest leaflet .

Professional Representation

The committee has identified the professionals we hope to instruct

NO Hartley Expansion group to fight 800 homes plan

NHE article in local press – October 2018

Developers adjust their plans

NHE Leaflet – September 2018

Committee update September 2018

The focus for the committee since it was formed in July was to raise public awareness of the proposed development, promote the public meetings and of course be a point of reference and encouragement for the community to lodge their objections to the development by the 10th September deadline.

To achieve this aim we set up a Facebook page, organised the printing and distribution of 3 leaflet drops to all households in Hartley, Fawkham, New Ash Green and Longfield , organised and staffed 3 drop in clinics at the Hartley Country Club and of course put up a number of the now iconic yellow NO Hartley Expansion Banners across the 4 villages. So what next?

The Committee believe that the battle to resist the proposed development may well become protracted and as such the development of this website is the logical step in augmenting our Facebook page and leafleting as way of communicating effectively with the whole community.

Over the next month, the committee will be looking to establish the process now that the consultation has ended, documenting all the steps and potential points of appeal along with the likely timeframe. This is not clear at present but we will look to have something to share with you all in October, although it is likely to be revised as and when more information becomes available. Alongside this we are going to estimate the cost to the campaign for professional reports and professional representation of the interests of the community by the likes of barristers and other professional experts. This will undoubtedly lead to a fundraising campaign but we don’t feel that we can launch this until we can detail the likely process and what the money raised will be spent on.

There are a number of other topics which the committee is discussing regarding our next steps as a campaign which we will share with you in future updates.

Finally, the committee would like to thank everyone who has helped with their time in leaflet distribution or financially by donations to the cause. Both are much appreciated.

So what happens next?

What happens after the consultation on the draft Local Plan?

Possible Outcomes

SDC Lobbied by NHE Committee members

Our campaign makes it on to the BBC!

Our campaign to protect  the Greenbelt and our villages was featured on the BBC local news on Sunday 9th  September. The piece included commentary from one of our committee members, a campaigner from the Fawkham Action Group  and one of our local MPs, Gareth Johnson. The two minute clip can be viewedhere

Villagers vow to fight plans to build hundreds of homes in Hartley and New Ash Green – NHE article in local press – July 2018

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