About Us

Who we are

No Hartley Expansion (NHE) was formed by a small group of local residents, following the announcement of a proposed new mass development between Hartley and Fawkham (commonly known as MX52/MX53) and the ‘drop-in’ held by the developer at Corinthians in July 2018. We were horrified by the proposals put forward, which would have a devastating effect on all surrounding villages and immediately started a group to fight the proposed development. The make-up of the committee changes from time to time as the amount of work involved takes its toll. All the committee have done this work voluntarily in their spare time.

What we’ve done so far

At the public meeting about the Local Plan held by Sevenoaks District Council (SDC) in July 2018 NHE sought more information from members of SDC’s Planning Policy Team; gave information to residents who attended and provided advice on how to respond to SDC’s consultation on the development and the Sevenoaks Local Plan.

NHE was then asked by Hartley Parish Council to speak at the meeting it held for residents the following week.

During the consultation on MX52/53 NHE held drop-in meetings to give information and advice to residents.

Since then we have closely followed the progress of the Local Plan and read most of the thousands of pages of documents produced by SDC.

We raised funds to pay for:
– leaflets to inform the local community about the progress of the Local Plan through its various stages and to encourage residents to participate in SDC’s consultations;
– banners to display at key sites to alert people to the consultation, the NHE website, the start of the Inspector’s hearings etc
– legal advice
– planning consultancy
– this website

What we plan to do next

– Monitor the steps towards the Judicial Review
– Monitor what SDC and the developers are planning whilst the Local Plan is in limbo
– Keep residents informed of any changes through our website
– Liaise with Hartley and Fawkham parish councils on their proposed actions and intentions and work with them on our common objectives
– Consult with our planning advisers as and when necessary
– Raise further funds if necessary to support the objectives of our residents

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